Creating an Expert Team

Carr’s engineering looks to develop the full potential of its team at every level.  Our long standing apprentice programmes are creating the engineers of tomorrow and working with specialist local educational facilities are ensuring that we have the specialist skills required to ensure that we can continue to design and manufacture to the highest standards.

We support graduate level development and run an international exchange programme between our UK and German operations, all of which supports exciting career paths for our employees.

The Bendalls Welding School

We invest in a minimum of 6 new apprentices each year and in conjunction with an external training provider, Gen 2 we train them in all aspects of fabrication or their specialist professional discipline. The majority of the training is hands-on and we utilise our own internal welding school which has dedicated welding booths where the Apprentices learn the basic principles of welding techniques such as fillet welding. They practise on various pieces in the school before welding items on actual equipment. Each Apprentice is assigned a mentor in the factory who will inspect every weld and monitor and assist the Apprentice where needed. Our apprentice programme is run along aside Gen2 in Carlisle.

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