Engineering Excellence since 1894

Carr’s Engineering has a long standing track record of supporting pioneering engineering projects, from successful world record setting speed records on land and water to the fabrication of reactor vessels for the world’s first civil nuclear reactor.

The History Behind Carr's Engineering
We were one of the first fabricators to supply equipment for the Nuclear Industry for the Sellafield Site in Cumbria – a relationship that has lasted to this day.
We started supplying Pressure Equipment to the burgeoning North Sea oil and land-based petrochemical industry and has since become a global provider in this field.
We became involved with Marine Current Turbines and manufactured the world’s first large-scale tidal current turbine, which was installed in the Bristol Channel in 2005.
2003 – 2009:
We acquired world class remote handling specialist products companies. Firstly, we acquired Carr’s MSM, a nuclear specialist whose manipulators have operated principally in the UK. We later significantly expanded our capability and reach with the acquisition of an industry market leader, Walischmiller, who’s advanced robotic arms have been deployed worldwide in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Medical sectors.
2012 – 2014:
We extended our precision engineering capability firstly with the acquisition of Clive Walton Engineering, a highly respected Carlisle business and key supplier to the Nuclear Sector and then with the acquisition of Chirton Engineering, a ultra-high precision manufacturing specialist supplying the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Subsea and Automotive sectors.
We invested in increased design, engineering and project management capability embedded within the business to support client demands for complex turnkey project delivery.
Carr’s Engineering solutions companies Bendalls and Chirton integrated their nuclear quality system and began the turnkey delivery of complex nuclear fabrication and machining.

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