Monitoring, Inspection & Testing
Advanced Quality Control when Safety, Reliability and Performance are Paramount

Carr’s in-house expert quality assurance team is qualified to undertake a range of NDT non-destructive testing techniques to ensure demanding quality standards are met and rigorous records are maintained in line with industry verification and testing regimes.

Our highly experienced Quality Assurance team are qualified to analyse weld joints, materials and process plant using the latest Radiographic (X-Ray and Gamma), Ultrasonic, MPI, DPI and PMI techniques all with our state of the art calibrated equipment.

Certified for UK & US Nuclear work with corresponding quality systems
In-house Testing Capabilities include
360° X-Ray & Gamma
Dye Pen
Endoscope Inspection
Hardness Testing
Metallurgy Analysis
Coating Thickness
X-ray Inspection

Carr’s Engineering provide a range of portable and fixed X-Ray solutions deployed both on site and within our purpose built NRPB approved radiography shielded test facilities.  Bespoke fabrication of often unique industrial components and assemblies provides a significant quality assurance challenge.  Our experienced team equipped with leading edge equipment including 3600 X Ray develop bespoke X-ray solutions to enable inspection to be efficiently, rigorously and reliably delivered against exacting industry standards.

Testing Facilities

UK and German facilities include extensive testing facilities allowing for full pre-delivery assembly & testing including our “Big Hall” facility with a 15-meter height and a water pool with a depth of 5 meters, where large assemblies and power manipulators can be tested with extremely long telescopic extensions in their fully extended state, even under water.

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