Pressure Equipment
Expert Design & Fabrication for Demanding Applications

Carr’s Engineering have a track record of producing vessels and critical equipment that stretches back to the origin of the Nuclear industry in the UK.  Carr’s manufactured vessels for the world’s first civil nuclear reactor Calder Hall on the Sellafield site.

Carr’s have manufactured difficult complex coil systems into vessels meeting first time pass rates in 100% x-ray and installing/welding the coil banks into restrictive internal areas and again successfully meeting the full NDT requirements of the contract.

The Evaporator D vessel, Feed Stock Tank and Thorp MASFE Evaporators are examples of how difficult and complex vessels were manufactured to meet Sellafield`s specifications and these units along with many other fabrications have been delivered from our UK site in Carlisle.

BE Vessel Image 1
Specialist Vessels

Carr’s Engineering is accredited to produce Quality Category 1 equipment and brings together highly experienced design capabilities with a proven high quality fabrication capability.  Bespoke manufacture of often unique vessels presents significant manufacturing challenges, here the Carr’s team work hand in hand with clients side engineers to ensure that exacting design requirements are precisely delivered.

Our independent QA/QC function and in-house inspection team closely monitor design and manufacturing activities at every stage to ensure quality standards are met and evidenced with comprehensive records and document set.


Carr’s manufactured the main evaporator and feedstock tank that sit at the heart of the Sellafield Evap D facility, critical to the site’s reprocessing operations. These crucial pieces of equipment included highly complex internal coil banks which were subject to rigorous checks and inspections and the stringent quality requirements of a Nuclear Grade 1 manufacture.

Evaperator Fab Nuke
Heat Exchangers

We have experience building heat exchangers for a number of industries including oil refineries and nuclear licenced sites. In 2016 we were awarded an exclusive framework for Sellafield Ltd to design and manufacture all of the complex heat exchangers at the site for the next 10 years.

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