Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
Manufacturing to the highest standards for the most demanding environments.

It’s a long journey from a sub-surface oil or gas well to the refined ready to use product, but Carr’s Engineering skills have been successfully employed at virtually every step of the way. We understand the importance of Quality Products, ensuring safety in the most hostile of environments. Our quality procedures are never compromised, even when deadlines are tight.

In high hazard environments too dangerous for humans, our remote handling solutions have been successfully deployed to support critical operations and undertake complex decommissioning projects.

Carr’s Engineering products have been deployed worldwide, destinations include:
Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Holland, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South America, Thailand, the UK and the USA.
Examples of the equipment we have manufactured includes:
Pressure Vessels
Reactor Vessels
Knock-Out Drums
Gas Scrubbers
Filter Vessels
Slug Catchers
Lined Vessels
Clad / Overlaid Vessels
Process & Utility Skids

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