Bendalls Accredited with Fit For Nuclear (F4N)

Congratulations to the team at Bendalls Engineering for being awarded the Fit for Nuclear (F4N) accreditation with Nuclear AMRC. This accreditation will further strengthen their position within the nuclear industry and open new opportunities with existing and new customers. Please visit their website for further details.            

NW Total helping to support Frazer-Nash and UKAEA in the Advancement of Fusion Energy

Brilliant news that one of our engineering businesses, NW Total, are supporting Frazer-Nash Consultancy on the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA’s) Engineering Design Services Framework. They’ll be working as part of a collaborative group of businesses, each bringing together their own set of skills and capabilities to complement those already offered by Frazer-Nash, and will help drive progress towards UKAEA’s fusion goal. The Engineering Design Services Framework has been set up to help UKAEA access…