Made in Cumbria: the nuclear storage solution set to ‘rack-up’ the savings

Sellafield Ltd recently published the news that a Cumbrian collaboration featuring Bendalls Engineering has manufactured a world-first nuclear space saver with the innovation having the potential to save the UK £2 billon in nuclear decommissioning costs.

Bendalls were named alongside West Cumberland Engineering Ltd and TEAM Industrial Services to work together to deliver the first ‘Hybrid 1 63 Can Rack’ to Sellafield which triples the number of fuel cans that can be held in one underwater storage container.

It’s an important breakthrough because space is limited in the UK’s only storage pond for Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (AGR) fuel, at Sellafield’s Thorp plant.  It will also help reduce the time it takes to remove fuel from AGR reactors, saving potentially £2 billon on decommissioning costs.