Mission Critical Engineering begins in our Schools


As an engineering division head quartered in Cumbria and delivering mission critical capability both here in county and around the world, it is very important to us to build meaningful connections with our local schools, colleges and universities. In 2015 we took a call from the Richard Rose Morton Academy which led to the beginning of a relationship that has been nurtured by our lead mechatronics engineer, Steve Blackwell. To date, Steve has helped to guide the Year 11 students in their designing and building of a racing car as part of an international Green Car Challenge programme and has just supported the school in kicking off their first participation in the global Lego League competition. In addition, we have also brought the real world of work into the school by setting a nuclear sector related challenge linked to robotic management of nuclear materials.

Mike O’Roarty, Head of Design and Technology at Richard Rose Morton Academy:

“We know the difference this relationship is making to our students. “We would not be able to give them opportunities like what we are doing now if it wasn’t for industry people like Steve supporting us.”

Steve Blackwell, Lead Mechatronics Engineer, Carr’s Engineering:

“We’re looking for the engineers of the future, the next generation, and we’ve got a great apprenticeship programme, graduate scheme and work placements. Working with our local schools helps us to spot the talented youngsters that we need to bring into our business.”